Today’s the Day. Yesterday may not have been and tomorrow seems more like a missed opportunity. No, it’s definitely today. Today is the day we as minority entrepreneurs embrace our powers as a collective. We will not be marginalized. We will no longer have to bring proof of concept to the table when our counterparts land 3x more funding with a business plan and a smile.

How can we dim our light when we reflect the sun? I stand here on the anniversary of the Tulsa Race Massacres with the whiff of smoldering businesses still in the air offering a better way. One too many of our businesses have shuttered, burned down, rubber stamped, and simply out maneuvered due to the age old machinations of those who NEVER wanted to see us be great in the first place.

You ask me why Byld It? Why Now? I say I feel like I should’ve did this years ago. I ask where are the billions that were supposed to be allocated to communities of color post George Floyd? What are the big corps saying about the daily George Floyds of the world? How can I stand by and support a business that can’t even support my existence?

Byld It is a platform built by a black man, owned and self financed by a black man dedicated to helping minority entrepreneurs get to the next level. I see your struggles in all its hues. Byld It believes in supporting minority and women entrepreneurs reach their creative/business goals. Innovation and simplicity makes us happy: our goal is to make creating, developing and managing your business easier and more streamlined. We provide a full solution to not only create your business, but also have access to affordable resources to help scale your business.

Our first initiative, Byld Black Better, is offering 10,000 E-commerce storefronts for free to all current and aspiring minority entrepreneurs. To learn more about us and this initiative go to our website Byld.IT.

Founder and CEO of Byld It A SASS platform dedicating to empowering minority and women entrepreneurs